Scooter Day







On May 3rd and 4th, Megan Wilkinson brought 70 helmets and Fliker Scooters for RMS students to ride. Kids were handed hairnets, a helmet and a scooter.  A short demonstration was given by Wilkinson. After the demonstration, they were set free to ride on the blacktop.  Some of the teachers rode a scooter as well.

The reason behind Scooter Day is to get kids moving outside.  The Fliker Scooter works all of your lower body muscles and is quite a workout.  What is better than working out and having fun while doing it?

Students were asked to fill out a short survey and those were used to put into a drawing for one of the adult scooters.  (The white and red scooters are for kids. The black and yellow scooters are designed for adult use.)

Fliker scooters are available at Sport Chalet and Toys R Us.


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