Student Perspective: We Only Have One Earth, Take Care Of Her

By Hadley C.

The Environmental Club is all about helping the Earth. We willbe living here for a while so might as well make the best that we can. Mrs. Mandy Malpede is the teacher and we are starting to give people reward tickets so people will remember to take of our world.

For Earth week we did a taste test with water to show people that all water tastes the same so using tap water from your house with are usable water bottle is better than a water bottle. For the results the yellow water won and it was Arrowhead Water. Malpede went around giving people tickets to whoever brought reusable lunch boxes.

Lastly, we had a person go to your homeroom and explain why you should recycle and help the Earth. The world relies on the next generation to help it. That is why I am in the Environmental Club, to make a difference. Please lend a hand plant a tree reduce, reuse, recycle, and don’t litter.

Here are a few tips on keeping this Earth clean:

1.    Take less time in the shower

2.    Instead of throwing away a piece of paper recycle or write on the back of it

3.    Make a garden, plant a tree, flowers, and anything else

4.    You can compost

5.    Don’t throw away batteries, or else the chemicals will seep into the earth

The Environmental Club has really given me a chance to take care of my world and see that I can make a difference.  You can too!


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