Teachers Look Forward To Summer Too!

By Cindy C.

After a long, hardworking, fun year for all RMS teachers, they are also looking forward to a nice and relaxing summer. Here is a list of all Richardson Middle School teachers’ summer plans:

Mr. Mabery –”I’m going to be here at Richardson running summer school, then go on vacation to Michigan.”

Ms. Lang– “I’m going to work, spend time with my friends and family, and go to the beach as much as possible.’’

Ms. Stallings – “I am going to work summer school and go waterskiing.’’

Ms. Iwasaki – ” I’m not going anywhere.’’

Mr. Big Bill – “I am going to work at RMS six days a week during the summer.’’

Mrs. Bezich – “My family has a lot to celebrate this year. We will be in New York for a week and then spend another week in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.’’

Mrs. Conner – “I will paint my backyard patio. After that, I will take the train to Seattle, Washington and watch the Dodgers play in Oakland.’’

Mr. Fujii – “I am going to Hawaii all summer.’’

Mrs. Holtz– “I’m going to Colorado, then get my daughter off to Israel.’’

Ms. Kamiyama –”I am going on vacation and coach basketball.’’

Mr. Kissner – “I’m attending a family reunion in North Carolina, then go to Florida to visit more family. Lastly, I will spend time at the beach to surf and sail.’’

Ms. Malpede – “I will go to Michigan to see my husband’s family. Then I will go to Vancouver and West Coast. I hope to do lots of relaxing and I want to finish my Masters thesis.’’

Mrs. Mufti –”My son is coming for a visit from China which his where he goes to college. I am going to spend time with him.’’

Mrs. Nakamura – “I am going to spend quality time with my kids and go to the Colorado River.

Mrs. Newman – “I will visit my daughter in South Carolina, then go to Texas at the end of August to welcome a new granddaughter.’’

Ms. Nowak – “I am retiring on June 15, then go to Las Vegas, spend time at the beach, read, and listen to music.’’

Mr. Oden– “I’m going to find a summer job.’’

Mrs. Pearlman –”I am going to sleep and go to as many concerts as possible.’’

Mr. Petito – “I am going to put the engine back in my truck. I might also go to Cape Canaveral for Robotic’s Club Leadership.’’

Mrs. Richmond – “I’m going to Hawaii to see my brother and Mr.Fujii.’’

Ms. Rodriguez – “I’m going to do a catering job and enjoy the beach.’’

Mr. Sheu– “I don’t know yet.’’

Mrs. Suzuki – “I will visit my family in Minnesota and then take a cruise in a cargo ship on a river in Alaska.’’

Mrs. Turner – “I will spend time with my family.’’

Mrs. Case– “I will hang out with my kids, relax, and go to AMAX Expo.’’

Mrs. Whittaker – “I’m going to go camping, go on vacation, and relax.’’

Ms. Willett – “I’m going to teach summer school and sit and relax.’’

Ms. Yu– “I’m going to relax and spend time with family.’’

Well, it seems like most of our RMS teachers are very excited for their summer vacations. Most are mainly looking forward to relaxing.

Are you looking forward to your summer? What are you going to do?

Let’s hope everyone will have a wonderful summer vacation!

Editor’s Note- Students, tell us what your plans are for summer and you may see them in the next issue of The Latest Hiss.  Write a quick line and send it in an email to Mrs. Bezich at lbezich@etusd.org.  Be sure to include your full name and grade. 


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