RMS Track Team Goes The Distance

(Photos by Lisa and Amanda M.)

By Amanda M.

On Friday, May 13th, you may have seen some fellow students leaving Sixth Period a little early. They were heading off to compete in a track meet at Miraleste Intermediate School in Palos Verdes. Four middle schools participated in this friendly competition, including not only RMS and Miraleste but Chadwick and Ridgecrest as well. The meet featured both sprints and long distance runs from 50-meter dashes to a mile (3200 meters). The meet also included field events like the high jump, long jump, and shot put.

                                             Richardson Track Team Results

from the Miraleste, Ridgecrest, Chadwick, Richardson

Track Meet May 11, 2012

6th, 7th, 8th Grade Combined

4×100 Relay Girls

2nd place       Montana, Aubrey N., Emily B., Meghan T.  8th grade

3rd place        Brittney L.,  Karin S., Emily E., Hadley C. 7th grade

4×100 Relay Boys

1st place        Cameron L., Evan T., Sebastian D., Riley S.  7th grade

2nd Place       Ben M., Cristian C., Garret K. , James  B. 7th/8th grade

Long Jump -Girls

2nd place       Aubry N.  8th grade

Long Jump -Boys

3rd place        Evan T.  7th grade

Mile -Girls

1st place        Grace C.  6th grade 6:04

3rd place        Deana  T.  7th grade 6:49

Mile -Boys

3rd place        James B.  8th grade 5:42

High Jump-Boys

3rd place        Riley S. 7th grade 4’6”

100m Girls

2nd place-tie Montana 8th grade

2nd place-tie Emily E. 7th grade

100m Boys

2nd place       Cameron L. 7th grade 13.5

3rd place-tie  Garrett K.  8th grade  14

3rd place-tie  Cristian C. 7th grade  14

Shot Put-Girls

2nd place       Deana T. 7th grade

3rd place        Daisy G. 6th grade

Shot Put-Boys

1st Place         Riley S. 7th grade 32.5 ft

2nd Place       Garrett K. 8th grade 29.5 ft

400m –Girls

2nd place       Hadley C. 7th grade


1st place-tie   Montana 8th grade


1st place        Hollard C. 6th grade

2nd place       Cameron L. 7th grade

200m –Girls

1st place        Brittany L. 7th grade

2nd place       Karin S. 7th grade

200m- Boys

3rd place        Bennett K. 6th grade

4×100 Coed Relay

1st place        Emily E., Amanda M., Cameron L., Riley S. 7th grade

2nd place       Montana, Aubrey N., Garrett K., James B. 8th grade

Miraleste, Ridgecrest and Chadwick

6th Grade Members

Matt B., Nick K., Sam T., Bennett K. and Hollord C.

Jenna O., Daisy G., Nisha N., Samantha K., Chloe B., Julie C., Grace C.

7th Grade Members

Riley S., Cameron L., Evan T., Sebastian D.

Deana T., Brittany L., Emily E.,  Amanda M., Hadley C., Karin S.

8th Grade Members

Micah S., Garrett K., James B., Ben M.

Emily B., Aubrey N., Meghan T. Montana C.

Congratulations to all RMS participants in this track meet! Make sure to say “Good job” to members of the team when you pass them in the hallway or at recess!

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