It All Adds Up For Rodriguez

Ms. Jessica Rodriguez

By McKenna E.

Welcome to our new math teacher, Ms. Jessica Rodriguez, who was born in Bellflower, California.  When she was two, she moved once to a house about five blocks away from her old house and that became her new home untill she went away to college.

Rodriguez played basketball and volleyball.

“We were not the best team,” admits Rodriguez.

She attended Bell Gardens Christian School for both elementary and middle school. Not long after that, she went to St. Joseph’s High School, an all girls Catholic school.

After grade school, she went to California State Long Beach where she got her BA in  Psychology and her Teaching Credential.

After college, she moved to Hawaii for a while where she worked in an office working in at construction companies.  She also had a short six month internship where she was a school counselor and is still debating whether or not to get a Masters in Psychology.

In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, playing with her two-year-old puppy Nalu. She also likes stand up paddle boarding, riding her bike and being outdoors.  Rodriguez tries to take an international trip for a couple of weeks each year.

Like everyone, she has her pet peeves which include annoying noises, and dishonesty. Her favorites include the color teal, watching football, cats and dogs. Also her favorite food is chocolate and drinks from Starbucks. She enjoys “chill” Rock music. Her favorite book is The Hunger Games and her favorite movie is the Gladiator.

When asked what advise she had to give students, she had the following to say.

“Treat others how you want to be treated,” said Rodriguez.

Welcome, Ms. Rodriguez to RMS.  You are a nice addition to our staff!

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