C’est La Vie

The C’est La Vie is a literary (now online) magazine within The Latest Hiss that comes out once a semester. It is filled with art, photography, poems and the occasional short story.  These submissions are all created by the students that attend RMS and staff members.  In order to view this post to its fullest, be sure to click on the links.  Enjoy!


7th Grader Kencey C.     

Mrs. Bezich’s 7th and 8th Grade ELA classes made Playdough Sculptures depicting symbols for AR books.

RMS’ Ms. Arshia Mufti, Math Teacher, paints pictures from photographs.

7th Grader Kayla K.   

7th Grader Ashley Vigil










7th Grader Alice F.








Ms. Richmond’s Social Studies Class made Chinese Terracotta Soldiers.










Sixth Grader Paul M. makes figures out of wax.









8th Grader Lauren L.

Torrance Beach








Click on the link for a PowerPoint of poetry.


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