Video Game Review: Tropico 4

By David C.

Players who like building games such as Sim City, will love Tropico 4. Tropico 4 is one game of a long time series of games. This series uses a special theme, playing as a dictator of an island country.

The game starts on fictious island of Tropico which is poor and undeveloped.  The point of the game is to keep everybody happy, balance the desires of the twelve political factions, stay in office, and keep the island from going into financial debt.  It has two modes of play, Campaign mode, and Sandbox mode. There is a tutorial to help you run the country. In the game, you accept quests and gain rewards. In Campaign mode, some quests continue the story and finish the map.

In Campaign mode,  you play as student General  Issimo Santana, a ruthless dictator, and you have to make Tropico a world power through many difficult and funny situations. In Sandbox mode, you play one of the many different campaign maps minus the challenges for a limited amount of time. In both modes in the game, you can make your very own avatar. You can choose accessories, hair, skin and if you want a female or male dictator.

The music in the game imitates the 1950’s style. This means the producers, Kalipso, composed music that matched the theme of the 1950’s. As Campaign mode progresses, there are slight mature themes such as political uprisings, bribes, rebel attacks, and natural disasters.  The game, Tropico 4, has very entertaining content with a realistic simulation of running a country.

This game could be rated for younger children although it is currently “T” for teens.  The only violence in the game is natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, and tornados.  It is in fact very musical and colorful for its rating.

The most complex parts of the game require knowledge of the global market.  The part that requires economical knowledge is running the country.  The player must spend wisely in order to keep the country out of financial debt.  The point of the game is for the player, as the new El Presidente, to improve the economy of the island country of Tropico.  The country is in poverty and the residents live in huts on the beach.  It is the player’s duty to improve and make Tropico a world power.  In order to proceed, the player must finish all the story mode quests one island then move onto the next island.

In conclusion, Tropico 4 is enjoyable and is a lifelike dictatorial game for players that are ten or older. Overall, Tropico 4 is a strategy game, which is very different from many others.  If you’re a gamer who likes strategy games, and if running a country sounds fun to you, check out Tropico 4.

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