RMS Music Department Strikes A Chord

Marching Band at The Armed Forces Parade

By Kimberly O.

Who has been busier than the people who make up the RMS Music Department this past month?  The RMS Music Department is very large and consists of the Advanced Band, the Beginning Band, the Jazz Band, Choir, Color Guard, and Drumline. This year, these groups have had many noticeable achievements.

The Advanced Band, directed by Mrs. Willett has performed five times over the course of the school year including performances at South High and RMS. They marched at the Armed Forces Day Parade on Saturday, May 19th with the Color Guard leading the way.  They also went to Disneyland on Monday, June 4th to participate in the Workshop held there. They were recorded. On June 14th, the Advanced Band, along with the Beginning Band will play at 6pm at South for the Eighth Graders’ Graduation Ceremony.

The Beginning Band, also directed by Mrs. Willett, performed four times throughout this year. Their most recent performance was last Thursday, May 31st at the 5th grade Orientation Ceremony. Most of the students in this band began playing their instruments at the beginning of the school year. It was evident at their previous performance on May 31st how much they have grown since their first concert on December 14th.

The Choir has performed seven times over the course of the school year. They performed at the Torrance Memorial Holiday Festival, at the Riviera HOA Performance at South, at the RMS Holiday Concert, at the 5th grade Orientation Ceremony and at the RMS Spring Concert. They also competed on April 27th, and March 2nd where they received the Silver Award, or 2nd place. Congratulations Choir on a job well done!

The Jazz Band, which meets Wednesdays and Fridays at lunch, is directed by Ms. Willett and Mr. Seradaryian. This band is the first Jazz Band RMS has ever had. It is made up of fifteen members who are all new to Jazz this year. Fourteen of these fifteen members will be graduating from RMS this year. The Jazz Band would really like new members. So even if you have never played Jazz before, if you play an eligible instrument, please try out. We would like to keep this Jazz Band going. The Jazz Band will be playing on June 5th at 6:30 PM at RMS, so if you are interested, watch their performance and see if the Jazz Band is right for you.

These groups have had a wonderful year.  Thank you to all of the members of the RMS Music Department for sharing your talents with us.

Editor’s Note-Thank you to Roni Osbern for the photo.


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