Conner Makes People Think

By Devon K.

You have either seen her playing basketball or dodge ball during lunch or walking around campus. Eighth Grade Teacher, Mrs. Joelle Conner, has been teaching for the past twenty years. She spent five years at Orville Wright Middle School in Los Angeles and fifteen years at Richardson. She first taught at Orville Wright then she chose to teach the Richardson Rattlesnakes.

“RMS students are very motivated learners with extra encouragement from their parents,” said Conner.

Living in Long Beach, Conner also has a forty-five minute commute every day.

“People always ask me, ‘Why don’t you get a job in Long Beach’, but there isn’t a better school,” said Conner.

This Loyola Marymount University graduate played basketball during college. She started playing at grade seven because she was six feet tall. During those years, her favorite female basketball player was Cheryl Miller because she was the top basketball player in the United States and once scored 100 points in a game.

Another sport Conner loves is baseball. She is a die hard Los Angeles Dodgers fan. This fan never misses a game; either she watches it at the stadium, on television or listens to it. Her favorite player is #27 Matt Kemp because he is very athletic and he hits many homeruns. During summer break, Conner is looking forward to visiting Oakland to attend a Dodgers game.

Conner is also a traveler. Growing up in Lancaster,California, Conner got the experience of seeing the Joshua Tree, found in two places in the world. The other place where these rare trees call home is the Mojave Desert. She has been to forty-three out of the fifty states of the US. In addition, she has visited ten countries including the Caribbean Islands, Australia, Italy, Haiti, and Wales.

“[My favorite country is] Australia because I love the kangaroos, the people and their culture,” said Conner.

At home, Conner has two four-legged “children”.  One is a black hound named Johnny Cash, nicknamed Cash. The one is a terrier named Bentley because she came from England. She likes to take her dogs on a walk at the beach or in the neighborhood.

During Conner’s free time, she enjoys working out.

“I can do more push ups than Ms. Malpede,” said Conner.

Ms. Amanda Malpede response was “At least I’m a runner.”

Conner, Malpede and Ms. Sara Pearlman are very close friends and have been teaching at RMS for a long time.

Conner’s quick wit always keeps people thinking as seen in her choice of license plate. Her license plate is RUTHNKN. It takes a couple times to figure it out, but once you get it, the plate really represents her.

“I like to be different, but not stand out,” said Conner.


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