Poetry Corner


By Rachel B.


Sing softly, my dear

For the words are like fire

Burning through the hearts

of those who hear


Sing sweetly, my dear

For the words will bring healing

To those who are quiet,

to those who hear


Sing slowly, my dear

For the words will tell them

What they want to know

if they take time to hear


Sing strongly, my dear

For the words will inspire

A million times over

Those who want to hear


Sing softly, my dear

For the words will captivate

The hearts and minds

of those who hear


By James B.
Strings on a guitar, are admired from a far

For each one of the six, are special in there own way,

When they mix, they play together, gay are the sounds you hear

but like a Puppet has its master, the guitar does too,

When the master of the strings starts to cry, the strings cry as well,

When the caster of the strings sings with

joy, the strings will sing without a comotion

Emtions, is what the strings sing to



By Josh M.
Ah, the infinite,

Nay, the “infant-finite”.

I know thine idiosyncrancies.

I doth feel thine fear.

Like moths to the flame your thoughts abstain,

Such worthless dreams of grandeur, all vain.

Petty the lives of covetous fools.

Doth wretched, I hath no words explain,

Your life to live, a life of pain.

An “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”,

Yet, this eye you owe to thy nameless of names.

Heart Stopped Beating

By Tia P.

Visible to participants on this course

Kiss me like you did, my heart stopped beating

So love me like you did, the memories are fleeting

So hold me like you did, I promise not to let go

So have me like you did, digging deep below

So hide me like you did, take away my presence

So leave me like you did, evacuate my essence

So kill me like you did, my heart stopped beating

By Cody P.
Long as a forever

Imposible to grasp

Finding its way


By Lillie V.

Summer is almost here

The temperature is rising to 1,000 degrees

The Beach and pool are calling to me

Lemonade and ice cream await

Vacations are just around the corner

Spending time with friends and family

No homework or tests to worry about

But summer ends as fast as it comes

Summer is the best time of the year


Skiing Acrostic

By Stephen K.
Ski lifts carry me to happiness

King of the snowy terrain

Infinitely endless possibilities

Icicles are huge daggers

Noses, red as roses

Great way to begin the day

By George S.
War is like fire.

It marches across countries destroying everything in its path.

Those warlords have hearts of stone.

Killing by the millions, breaking hearts of billions of wives and mothers.

War is complete destruction, utter chaos without end.

Only the dead have seen the end of war.

Bullying: It needs to be stopped
By Shelby F.

She feels as though she is a fruit loop, walking around a world full of cheerios.

She just doesn’t fit in.

As she walks down the halls, there are a million eyes staring at her.

They are laughing like hyenas.

Their words are rocks being thrown at her.

Dancing around her head day and night.

People have no idea,

How words can affect a person.



By Daniel L.


Betrayal, ender of friendship

Starter of hardship

A stab to the back,

You begin to lack

It can’t be undone

Since the damage is done

Betrayal, minor or major,

Turns you into a rager

Just find someone new

Just right for you

By Eloise H.
So many are full of hatred

Life should be as fun as a celebration

Whether we hate or love

It just isn’t enough

We need to tease and mock

But the clock is ticking, Tick Tock

The hourglass is running out of time

Soon we’ll all be devices of crime

If we don’t all just get along

Then who is there to be strong?


Imagine a world with no hate

Why it would just be great!

Full of friendship and love and care

Everyone would be happy everywhere!

So make that change, and make it now

Before the hatred comes back somehow

But if it’s truly your fate

I guess you are hate

By Lauren L.


He has been around for a million years,

Mr. Krabbs is like a giant money vacuum,

Spongebob like the color of a banana,

Patrick has the looks of a peice of bubblegum,

The sponge talks and makes crabby pattys,

His name is Spongebob!

By Madison K.

Being a kid means many things

Sliding around in socks

Getting caught stealing from the cookie jar

Jumping from the couch to the recliner in order to avoid stepping in lava

Climbing a tree that seems 300 feet tall

Having grass stains permanently left on your jeans

Dressing up and dreaming of the future

Wishing you could grow up faster

Then when you finally grow up the magic is gone,

And you wish you were a kid again.


The Moon

By Trevor C.

The moon is a shining sun.

It is like a zillion years old.

It smiles at me all night.

It is as cool as Erik.

The moon is where I want to be.

It is the best place in the galaxy.


Social Media

By Victoria L.

Youtube is for babies and cats, but allows many to share their lives.

Google+ is busy, busy, busy, just like a bee hive.

Instagram is visual, where pictures are windows of the world.

Email is a lonely trail now, it’s edges wrinkled and curled.

Twitter flies like its mascot, bold and small,

but Facebook, well, he’s king of them all.

By Emily B.

The piano, a faithful friend,

Always there when needed,

Never talks back when mistreated,

A million tunes it can sing,

Like glasses clinking with a crisp ring,

The piano comes to life with emotion,

It lulls to sleep like a potion,

My piano, my faithful friend.

By Erik C.

Elway is my dog

who much resembles a hog

She is a mini hippo that cannot swim

with her four fat stubby limbs

she weighs about 1000 pounds

which explains why she is ever so round

She is like a balloon running out of air

which she loses by sitting there

Her leash is the worst consequence

because she can’t walk past the front yard fence

Elway is the “bestist” dog

And thus I end my poetry log!

Poem blog: “Be Big and Bold”
By Micah S.

I hate it when words hit me like a punch in the chest.

Do tell me what you think,

Not what I think. My hobbies yell at you anyways.

Care is needed to preserve my million dollar treasure.

What does this mean, you may ask?

Others will be fire-dragons and spit harmful remarks. What does this mean?

Think. Think. One opinion is not better than another. I like my opinions.

Ignore those snide remarks. Believe what you wish to. I

Am feeling the hate. Sometimes, even with your closest peers, you need earplugs, like


Ode to a Bathrobe
By Michael S.

Oh bathrobe, oh regal and glorious robe

You are a friend to all, around the globe

Stylish, sleek, and sharp as a tuxedo you are

Your flannel and plaid smile makes me have the warmth of a star

I need only wear boxers when thee are on me

And unlike skinny jeans, you make me feel free

You are the chicken soup of articles of clothing

Your extra soft cotton comforts me and mends my loathing

Oh bathrobe, oh bathrobe you are a glorious friend

And let human kind have your companionship until the end


Snakes of Life

By Fergus L.

Snakes are what you would call life’s journey,

Bending and sliding like the decisions that you make.

But decisions will stop bending; they will stay still,

That is when you know you have made a bad choice.

Though life is not just about choices you make,

It is how you make it through those decisions.

You will always have billions and billions of paths to take,

But only one of them you will take,

Like a snake choosing between a rabbit or a frog.

After many turns and adventures,

Life will comitt a retire,

And your snake will wither and become cold,

Which is the final part of the cycle,


Baseball Acrostic

By Jordan B.

Big batter

As fast as a roadrunner

Smooth fielder

Energetic baseball bat

Big bases that never end

Amazing baseball player

Loud laughing fan named lary

Laughing the whole game

Surfing Acrostic
By Bram S.

Surfing is a fishes food

Use lots of wax

Reach like a rubber-band

Fancy feet

Infinite amount of board types

Nature is a massive part

Go big or go home

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