Extreme Motocross Racer, James D.

By Cindy C.
Do you know someone who races motocross, whose hobby is to race R.C. cars, and wakes up every morning an hour early just to watch Sports Center? Well, we are talking about Eighth Grader James D. He rides a Yamaha 85cc for racing Motocross and has won more trophies and medals than he can count. James competes almost every weekend at local tracks.

What is Motocross? Motocross is a fast, high energy demanding, and a visually spectacular sport. It is a form of motorcycle racing that is held on an enclosed off road course.  Motocross allows young kids to ride a motorcycle, unlike riding a street motorcycle which requires a driver’s license.

James rides at least three times a week.  He also likes arts and crafts. They help him to take his mind off of school and racing.

However, cardio-weight training is important to James’ success in racing.

“I train very hard for motocross because it is a very physically, demanding sport,”said James.

This summer, he plans to race in a couple of big Motocross Nationals, start summer workouts for soccer and football, then onto a vacation to Mammoth for a mountain hike.

So if you see him around, ask him about his motocross races or just say, “hi”. He is also looking forward to meet new people.

“I am looking forward to high school because I am happy to meet new people and have a bigger selection of classes I want to take,” said James.

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