Lillie V. Dances Her Way Into SHS

8th Grader Lillie V.

By Cindy C.
Have you ever known someone who can dance like a butterfly, jump like there is no gravity, float in the air, and take every step with precision?  We have someone like that in RMS and she is our 8th Grader Lillie V.  She loves dancing, especially ballet.

Lillie began dancing since the age of six.  After her first dance lesson, she fell in love.  Inspired by her teachers and other dancers, she found motivation to put in hours of hard work practicing and perfecting her dance step.  She dances at Fusion Studio at least eleven to twelve hours each week.  She found time to go after school and weekend mornings.

‘’Dancing makes me feel relaxed and not be stressed out when I am doing homework or studying,’’ said Lillie.

She found that dancing eases and relaxes her mind.  She is not only good at ballet; she also dances in jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, and contemporary. However, her favorite is still ballet and she has reached the Intermediate Level.

‘’I do dancing for fun but I might compete next year,’’ said Lillie.

She has not decided whether or not she wants to pursue her dream as a ballet dancer, but dancing gives her fulfillment and inspiration.  What a dancer! If you see Lillie around, ask her about dancing or just say ‘’hi’’.

Lillie, wish you the best in high school and hope to see you on the dance floor soon.

Editor’s Note- Congratulations to Lillie.  She tried out for Intermediate Dance at SHS and made it!  Go Lillie!

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