Stephen K. Extreme Ski Racer

8th Grader Stephen K.

By Kristy L.
Have you ever sat in a car for ten hours, woken up around 5:00, and then start skiing, and skiing, and did I mention skiing? That’s what Alpine ski racing star, Stephen K., does to train.

This fourteen year old eighth grader here at Richardson started at just seven years old, and has been skiing ever since. He trains at Mammoth Mountain almost every weekend from late October until late April. All his training pays off in his competitions. Stephen competes with kids his age that are all from different parts of California. The races are usually held at ski resorts such as Lake Tahoe, Mammoth, or Big Bear.

There are many different styles of racing, but his most recent race was a downhill race that was held at Mammoth about two weeks after Spring Break. All that driving, waking up early, and training can be tiring, but it is very rewarding. He recently won a Coach’s Award for his determination and attitude this season.

Skiing can be rewarding in other ways too.

“Being part of a team is very rewarding,” said Stephen.

His entire ski team gets to stay in one house together when they are at a race, which is very fun for him. After training, he does free skiing with his friends, which he enjoys very much. In his free time, Stephen also enjoys playing Club Soccer and visiting the beach. In the future, skiing will still be very important to him.

“I want to share the sport of skiing with others and I want to continue skiing even if it is not competitively,” said Stephen.

So watch out Winter Olympics! Stephen K. is on his way!

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