Anika S. RMS’ Batgirl?

8th Grader Anika S.

By Laruen H.

Many of the people at RMS may know Anika Slizewski, an 8th Grader here at our school. But did you know she is a comic book/comic book hero genius? If you ask her anything about anything concerning those two topics, she will most likely answer correctly.

Her favorite superhero is Batman and this is how she described him.

“Batman has a deep history. His parents died, and he was mad at the world and wanted to defeat all the bad guys. He wanted revenge. I like Batman because of that, and because bats are cool,” said Anika.

She started her obsession with the superheroes around the beginning of last year. But that doesn’t mean she never loved Batman inside all those years of not obsessing over him. She has also seen the new Avengers movie four times.

”The director of the movie has outdone himself. John Ledon is amazing and created a brilliant movie with an awesome cast. Even the individual movies (Thor, Captain America,etc.) were entertaining, but not as much as The Avengers,” said Anika.

She loves Robert Downey Jr.

“I think he’s the one that is most familiar to the audience and everyone loves him being Iron Man,” said Anika.

She also loves Black Widow (AKA Scarlett Johansen), and Hawk guy.

“Hawk guy is the most attractive, in my opinion,” said Anika.

Anika appreciates the old traditional comic books.

“There’s nothing like the feel of a comic book. Especially the old ones, with the really thin pages. They are like stories sent from heaven. Especially the Marvel ones. I even read them online, but the comic books are amazing,” said Anika.

Her favorite superheroes (besides Batman) are Wonderwoman, the X-men, Wasp Girl and Ant Man, Hulk, etc.)  She does not like Superman.

“He’s too powerful. He’s the least believable superhero,” said Anika.

She really hopes there will be another Avengers movie. She watches the Animated version on T.V. and loves it. So, if you have any questions or comments to ask or tell Anika, she would love talking to you.

“I could talk about comic books/comic book heroes all day,” said Anika (I mean Batgirl).

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