Memories Of The Way We Were

By Devon K.

The three years at Richardson are full of many memories…some good and some bad. The good ones should be cherished and remembered forever. This last year for the Eighth Graders was hard because they were preparing to leave RMS and go on to high school. Middle school memories finishes one chapter of our lives and the next page starts with a new chapter of high school memories.

Here are a few memories that our Eighth Graders will treasure as they move on to high school.

“My favorite memory was the sixth grade Fund Run because it was really fun and we got to interact with each other,” said Eighth Grader Karly E.

“[My favorite memory] was when I was in the Seventh Grade Talent Show and Troy and I danced to ‘Hello, Good Morning’,” said Eight Grader Owen M.

“My favorite memory was the Richardson Pep Rally before the big game. The players got whipped cream in their face,” said Eighth Grader Angie S.

“My favorite memory is getting lost in sixth grade trying to find my classes,” said Eighth Grader Marysa C.

“When my friends and I dressed up like Super Ninjas on Halloween,” said Eighth Grader James C.

“My favorite memory was having SSR with Ms. Mac because we sang American Idol songs,” said Eighth Grader Melissa G.

“My favorite memory is playing sports at lunch and hanging out with friends,” said Cruz S.

“My favorite memory is meeting new friends,” said Jody C.

“My favorite memory is the first day of Seventh Grade when I walked into Ms. Holtz class,” said Mohammad G.

“Being in Mr. Kissner’s class because it is the most fun out of everything,” said Faith C.

“My favorite memory was meeting Lauren L, my best friend,” said Andrew P.

“My favorite memory is screaming Mr. Sheu’s name all the way down the hall,” Elizabeth D.

“I will always remember [assisting] students in Ms. Suzuki’s class.  I would always review with them before tests.  I also remember the miles.  They were excruciating, but I like running, so it’s okay,” said Daniel L.

“I really enjoyed the field trip last year to Medieval Times.  I had never been there and it was a blast!” said James D.



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