What Are You Doing?

By Eric H.

Are you in the Seventh Grade? Well, if you are, you have the choice to take classes at South High School next year. The classes you can take are  Foreign Language, Biology, and Geometry. Most of the people that take a class at South are doing a language, but others are not. What are you doing?

Did you know that if you take a language earlier in your life it will be easier for you to learn it? That is a reason why many people are taking classes next year at South, especially a language. Think back to when you were in elementary school; can you still remember another language you learned? Most people will say yes. The reason why is because the younger you are the easier it will be for you to learn. So, what are you doing? Are you making the right choice for next year?  Some people that took a class this year found it beneficial.

“I think that attending classes at South High is good because you get to meet new people and see what the classes are like,” said Eighth Grader Eloise H. who took Korean this year.

Others agree.

“South offers lots of fun language classes.  I took Korean.  We went on a field trip to Korean Town.  If you want to get away from regular classes for a while, go to South,” said Eighth Grader Daniel L.

Are you taking Geometry at South?  Geometry is for the advanced math students. The important thing about Geometry is you don’t have to take it. It you are someone struggling in Advanced Math now, you don’t have to take it next year.  Geometry Honors is very hard for some and easy for others.

“I wasn’t ready.  I shouldn’t have taken a class at South this year.  The extra time at Richardson would have been better for me,” said an anonymous Eighth Grader who struggled in math.

If you are going to take Biology then you have to be in advanced math (Geometry). Several students who have taken Biology Honors have found it a difficult class. According to many, they have a lot of homework and it is overall very difficult to keep up. If you are thinking, if it is so hard, why are people taking it? The reason why is that if you take it in Eighth Grade it gives you an extra year of science that can be put down on college applications should you want to take a science each year of high school.

However, if you choose not to take a class in Eighth Grade at the high school, you can still get into some of those same colleges. Also, in your senior year you have the option not take a science.   Sound confusing?  You just need to talk to a counselor about your individual goals.

Seventh Graders, have you signed up to take a class at South? Remember you still have time to change if you want to…just call South. Either way, be sure it is the right decision for you.

“It is a very good way to see the high school.  Also, it is a good head start for your high school transcripts,” said Eighth Grader Hamid G.

Besides classes at South, the Elective Choices Sheet was passed out to you in your homeroom.  Be sure to get them in or you won’t have a choice.  A class will just be assigned to you.  So, what are you doing about classes in the fall?

Editor’s Note- Summer School courses will also be offered.  Summer School is open to all grades. If you are interested in taking summer classes from South Bay Enrichment Academy Summer School, see www.tefsbea.org.

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