Student Perspective: Students Missed Using Lockers

By Devon K.

During Sharefest, the Locker Bay was closed because the lockers were getting a new coat of paint. Since the lockers were closed, students had to carry their backpacks around. Some students liked carrying their backpacks, but others think having lockers is much better.

“It’s easy to put your stuff in them in between classes and it’s hard to carry everything around,” said Eighth Grader Megan R.

Having lockers is a huge help. One, being you do not have to lug a heavy backpack full of textbooks and papers. These backpacks can make backs hurt.

“I like lockers because you don’t have to carry everything to every class,”said Eighth Grader John M.

Lockers are very convenient. With lockers, you can put any unwanted supplies and only take what you need for your next period.

“I get to keep my stuff in there and I don’t have to carry my binder,”said Eighth Grader Javier M.

However, not everyone agrees.

“I do not like lockers because it takes too long to get your stuff out,” said Eighth Grader AJ P.

For the most part, having a locker is helpful. You can leave notebooks or books you do not need in your locker and take home what you do need. Lockers also keep valuables safe and help you stay organized. Having some books in your locker gives extra space in your backpack and is less heavy when you walk home.

Most people were glad to get their lockers back. With lockers, life is much easier at Richardson.

Editor’s Note- All lockers should have been cleaned out by the time you are reading this article.  If not, items will be discarded.  Be sure yours is clean.  Thank you.

Also, Lost and Found items that were in the Locker Bay will be donated if they are not claimed soon.

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