Two Speakers and A Singer Say Farewell To RMS

By Kristy L.

The entire school is practically buzzing with excitement. Why? It’s almost the end of the school year! Kids are getting ready to take off to the beach and splash in the waves, but for some Eighth Graders here at Richardson, it’s a tearful goodbye to middle school life once and for all.

While some are just going to be at the graduation ceremony, some students are taking part in their official parting from middle school. There are going to be speeches presented by our very own students and a very special performance of the national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, from one of our very talented students.

The speeches are going to be presented by Daniel L. and Melissa G. They wrote their speeches themselves and are going to present them to the Class of 2012.

Daniel L. decided to try out to give a graduation speech because he always wanted to speak in front of a large crowd. Also, his parents and friends inspired and encouraged him to write the speech. In his spare time, he prepares by scanning over the speech and trying to remember key parts. The Eighth Graders all have different opinions of graduating, but when Daniel thinks about graduation, he thinks, “Relief.”

Eighth Grader Daniel L.

Melissa G. is also presenting a speech to the graduating class. She decided to try out for the speech because she wanted to try again after she didn’t get picked in fifth grade. After finishing homework and studying, she prepares by reciting the speech a couple of times.

“It is nerve-racking and exciting because I have never been a part of something this important,” said Melissa about being part of the ceremony.

She wrote the speech because it seemed “cool” to be part of something that only happens once. Her speech is going to mostly be about the time that the Eighth Graders have spent together at Richardson.

Eighth Grader Melissa G.

Kyler M. is going to perform The Star-Spangled Banner in front of the entire Eighth Grade class and audience. Talk about nerve-racking! He tried out because he had wanted to do it for a while and he has always loves to sing.  Every day, he practices the anthem for the big promotion ceremony. Being chosen to sing the anthem is a “huge honor” for him.

Eighth Grader Kyler M.

These three amazing students all put together are definitely a dream team.  Just you wait! This is going to be the best graduation ceremony ever!

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