Are You A Member?

Several clubs are available to students.  Clubs are a great way to meet new people with your same interests.  All you have to do is come to the meetings and join in the fun.  Here are the clubs RMS has to offer.  Which one best suits your personality?  Join today.

Builders Club– Meets Thursday at lunch in Room 1.  Students work on community projects.  Everyone is welcome.  Teacher Sponsor-Stephanie Hunnell

Colorguards (Tall Flags)-Meets Tuesdays at lunch and Thursdays after school in Room 2.  Student learn to spin flags while dancing. The routines they learn will be performed later in the school year.  Everyone is welcome.  Teacher Sponsor-Karrie Willett

Drumline-Meets Thursdays at lunch at the Performing Arts Trailer.  Students learn the basics of drumline.  Students who can read music are welcome.  Teacher Sponsor-Karrie Willett

Environmental Club-Meets Mondays at lunch from 12:30 PM until the end in Room 13.  Students learn about environmental issues, work on making Richardson a greener place and pass the word on to others.  Everyone is welcome.  Teacher Sponsor-Mandy Malpede

Game Club-Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch in Room 29.  Students play video and board games. Everyone is welcome.  Teacher Sponsor-Stephanie Hunnel

Jazz Band-Meets Wednesdays and Friday at lunch. Students learn songs to play at performances throughout the year. 7th and 8th Graders are welcome. Members must audition.  Teacher Sponsor-Karrie Willett

Journalism Club-Meets Wednesdays at lunch in Room 31.  Students are responsible for writing articles and taking pictures for the online school newspaper, The Latest Hiss.  Everyone is welcome.  Teacher Sponsor-Leslie Bezich

Noon Leagues-Meets at lunch on the field.  Listen to the bulletin for announcements.  Football will be next.  Students participate in a variety of sports in tournaments.  Everyone is welcome.  Teacher Sponsor- Lauren Kamiyama

Running Club-Meets Wednesdays after school at the blue benches near the ball room.  Students run together.  Everyone is welcome.  Adminstrator Sponsor-Chad Mabery Parent Sponsor-Bonnie Nakamoto

Team Trivia Challenge Club-Meets in Room 14.  Listen for bulletin announcements for start up dates.  Students play a trivia game against others.  Everyone is welcome. Teacher Sponsor-Michael Fujii

Widget Club-Meets Thursdays after school in Room 28.  Students work on wood and technology projects.  Those students who want to participate in the All Middle Race in June may build a race car and compete with the students from the other Torrance Unified middle schools. This club is full at this time. Teacher Sponsor-Joe Petito

Yearbook Club-Meets on Thursdays at lunch in Room 26.  Students are responsible for taking pictures, designing layouts, and writing for the school yearbook.  Everyone is welcome.  Teacher Sponsor-Sara Pearlman



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