They Have An App For That!

Click here and do this.  Scroll down and find that.  Yep, it was bound to happen; iPads are now being used in the classrooms at RMS.  Because we have the WiFi running through the school, students are able to use the recently purchased iPads anywhere on campus.

“Through conservative financial planning and generous donations, the RMS PTSA built up a small surplus last year.  This surplus coupled with our Magazine Drive last April enabled us enough funds to purchase 60 iPads for students and teachers,” said RMS Principal Chad Mabery.

In addition, several teachers at RMS and nearby schools are enrolled in an iPad Workshop that meets once a month to learn how to use new apps (applications or program that may be installed for free or a minimal fee) with their students. Lessons are being written by teachers to incorporate this new technology. Students can work on lessons in all subjects from Math to PE.

When students were asked which app they enjoy the most, they answered with a resounding, “Photo Booth”.  This app allows students to take pictures and distort them in numerous ways.

While Photo Booth might be for fun, there are several other serious apps on the iPads.  One is called Show Me.  This allows the teacher to record their voice demonstrating a lesson or concept.

Another popular app is called Socrative.  This app asks the teacher to write questions that the students may answer on the device.  Their answers are visible instantly on a screen in front of the classroom using Apple TV (a device used to project iPad computer screens in front of the class from anywhere in the room).

Students will be asked to work with these devices at the high school level and beyond.  RMS is proud to be a forerunner using technology to enhance student learning.

Now, if they would only come up with an app for writing a narrative essay in the student’s own handwriting.  Wouldn’t that be special?

What’s that?  You say there is an app for that?  I don’t doubt it!

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