Are You A Southie?

By Eric H.

Are  you one of the students who travel over the bridge for classes at South High School? Over two hundred students this year are going to South high for an Eighth Grade class. Many students like it and others not so much. South High School offers the World Languages for Eighth Grade, as well as Geometry Honors and Biology Honors. Do you think this is right for you?

One main reason for why students would not take the languages is because they think they can take it the next year and it will be fine. Did you know the earlier you learn a language the easier it is? The older you get, the harder it is to learn.

You can still learn, you just might need more determination.

Another reason why a student wouldn’t take a class at South is because they feel it’s too hard. One problem is that most of the students don’t even realize that it’s easier than they think. Remember, it’s only hard if you don’t study and aren’t prepared.

Some parents don’t want their students to go over to South before the Ninth Grade. They don’t see the point when students will have four years to attend the same classes.  Some parents also feel their kids should enjoy their last year in middle school without the stress of high school.

However, many students say it is great experience and they are glad they did it.

“It’s so much fun. Although the bridge is a pain, it is so worth it. I love my class,” said Eighth Grader Nicole X.

Many students enjoy meeting new people and new teachers.

“South is good and my teacher is very funny and great. Although it is a pain to walk over the bridge, it’s all worth it because of the extra education,” said Eighth Grader Trevor S.

Taking a class at the high school in the Eighth Grade gives the students a taste of what high school will be like for them next year.

“I love the classes because it introduces us to the high school and is very fun,” said Eighth Grader Skylen P.

Overall, students find taking classes at South a great experience.  As for that infamous bridge, getting a little exercise each day is just part of the experience. Just think of it as a bridge that narrows the gap between middle school and high school…how poetic!

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