Student Council Becomes A Class And Holds Elections

By Hadley C. and Lauren H.

Times are changing. There has been word going around the school about the new class for Student Council. The teacher is Ms. Kelli Whittaker and the class meets every day during Period 4.  Students are very happy to have this new and improved class because they can plan more spirit days, assemblies and new homeroom competitions!

First off, there was an overwhelming amount of people that came to the elections. There were 350 ballots and they ran out and had to make more. The candidates for President were Evan T. and Amanda M. and the Vice President candidates were Brittany L. and Thomas F. Lastly, Secretary and Treasurer went to Hadley C. and Clay B., respectively.

Everyone who gathered in the cafeteria on September 19th got to hear some great speeches and who could forget that memorable performance by Evan T.? He danced to  Gangnam Style, which is according to Evan,”One of the most inspirational songs of our generation.”

The ballot boxes were filled with votes for the lucky Leadership class to count along with their teacher, Whittaker. All the people who signed up for Student Council put posters all around the school, including Evan T.’s “Snooki says”.

Hadley C. and Clay B. were fortunate enough not to have any opponents running against them, so they won easily. Everybody who voted participated in the school elections showed their school spirit. Some of us have known these people for many years.

The winners were Evan for President and Brittany L. for Vice President.  Congratulations and thanks to all of you who ran and voted.

RMS needs leaders at this school, and leaders you are going to get. Even if they win or lose they are all great leaders at this school. There are some more positions that will be elected in the class, so make sure to keep your ears out for that. This year is going to be a year to remember thanks to this new and improved class!


Photos By Jillian N. and Kristy L.


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