Sixth Graders Travel To Faraway Destinations Over Summer

By Jocelyn H.

Welcome back to school.  What did you do over the summer? Did you go on any vacations? If yes, where?

Some Sixth Grade students that come to RMS traveled to far away places.

“I went to Waikiki, Hawaii, located on the island Wahoo with my mom, dad, sister, and grandma. We went on a tour bus, a submarine, to the beach, and pool. My favorite activity at Hawaii is going the beach because I like the warm water and the sea is always so calm. We chose to travel to Hawaii because our family visits it every year. I also want to come because we have some family history here. I suggest that if anyone that comes to Hawaii goes to the Wet and Wild water park. It’s just so much fun there!” said Sixth Grader Sascha S.

Others visited over countries. Sixth Grader Alice L. said that she flew to Canada to visit her uncle, and her uncle drove her family down to Seattle, Washington. While in Seattle, Alice visited the Space Needle.

Some students went even further away during the summer break.

“I flew to Korea and went to a water park, caught crabs, went ziplining, rode on a four-seat bicycle, and went to the beach,” said Sixth Grader Erin C.

Sixth Grader Cindy R. went to Juneau and Skagway, Alaska with her parents. She went dog sledding, shopping, cooked smores, got seasick, and got free all you can eat ice cream!

“I wouldn’t want to visit Alaska anymore not because I got seasick, but because I want to go to see other countries, like Italy,” said Cindy R.

Sounds like our Sixth Graders are quite the adventurers. Maybe some of these places sound like a destination you would like to visit.  You can start planning ahead and decide where you should go next time for vacation!


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