Do You Play A Jazz Instrument? Jazz Band Needs You!

By Kimberly O.

The Richardson Middle School Jazz Band is starting its second year here at RMS. This band currently consists of fourteen members: Andrew E., Kimberly O. (trombone), Steven L., Austin J., Sam K. (trumpet), Joey C. (drums), Leon J. (piano), Alice L. (vibes), Sebastian D. (saxophone), Christian B. (tenor saxophone), Justin C., Kenneth P. (alto saxophone), Aditya S. (baritone saxophone), and Jared K. (electric guitar).

The Jazz Band is directed by Ms. Karrie Willett. The Jazz Band practices on Wednesdays and Fridays at lunch in Room 2 and is always looking for new members, especially for those who plays bass guitar.

The Jazz Band is going to perform at least four times this year. Their first show will be the Advanced Band’s Winter Concert in December. Following that, the Jazz Band will perform at the Advanced Band’s Spring Concert, the Sweet Jazz Festival and at the RMS Talent Show. If you are interested in joining, please contact Ms. Willett in Room 2. Have a jazzy day!

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