Science Goes Online

By Eric H.

Do you like science? Many students do and they are enrolled in Mr. Kissner’s Online Science Class. This science class lets students have new opportunities that you couldn’t get before. Many students and parents say it is great and others have a more negative point of view.

This year the Sixth and Eighth Grade Science Teacher, Mr. Andrew Kissner is teaching an online science class. This class is about ninety percent online. Students must log on every day and check for notes, watch videos, or to take quizzes. This class is about the size of a normal class, but that doesn’t matter because it is all online except the one morning the students come to class to meet.

Every student in the Online Science Class must come to school at seven a.m. every Wednesday morning. Students get to do experiments and it is treated like a normal class. Some students enjoy doing this because you get all the action of “blowing stuff up” and you still don’t have to have an actual class each day.

One advantage of having the Online Science Class is that you get the option of getting out after Fifth Period, or getting to choose an extra elective. Some students have chosen this class simply so they can get out of school early, while others chose it to have more classes in school. Which one would you have done?

Getting the chance to pick an extra elective is an option.  That means you can take a class at South High and still get out early. Or another option is doing a language and Band or Choir.

Since all of your class work is online, you must go on your computer every day. For some students this is a problem, so this is why they couldn’t do this class. But for those who have enrolled and enjoy computer work, it has been a positive choice.

“The work online is very simple as long as you keep up with it,” said Kimberly O.

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