Student Perspective: Gossiping Is Bullying

By Lauren H.

Gossip is everywhere. You hear it at school, on the streets, in magazines, books, television, even at the workplace. It is probably one of the oldest, and most common ways of keeping up with the times. Nobody can really stop gossip from spreading-people talk, that’s just a fact. But what we can do is try to lower the rate of false rumors, which is basically what makes up gossip.

Some have even made shows based on it. One popular show is Gossip Girl, based off of the series written by Cecily von Ziegasar. The whole premise of the books and show is gossip, and how it can make or break someone or something.

Gossip also poisons the minds of adolescents. When you are a child, and you hear or participate in the making of a lie/rumor about someone, you grow up dishonest, and live an unhappy life of that of a dishonest person. Then no one trusts you, and nobody wants that sort of lifestyle.

Some make money off of gossip, though. Those tabloids you see in local bookstores, grocery stores, and any store you go in to are getting rich off gossip they print. Most of what they print is false, except for the few things that are true. Usually, the things that are true are only partly true because they exaggerate.

Gossip magazines and these publications have been around since the early 1900’s, even though they really hit their mark in the 50’s, with the National Enquirer. This  led to other magazines such as People, OK!, US, and Star.

Gossip mainly happens when one is the main target of bullying. Since bullying and gossiping mirror each other, the two are similar. Like bullying, gossiping can affect your whole life-how people look at you, what kind of education you’ll get, or even what kind of job you receive. When some one talks ill about you, it can literally ruin your life, since most gossip is bad gossip.  A few words, whether true or not, can make people see you in a certain light and that opinion may stick with them when big decisions need to be made about your future.

What people don’t realize is that every time you tell someone, or pass on a lie or a rumor, you are just as bad as the person who started the lie or rumor. People also don’t realize that if they hang out with a gossiper, they are most likely next on their list of victims. Just one piece of gossip can lead to another and another, unless someone finally speaks the truth.

Gossiping can happen for a number of reasons…people get bored, people are mad at you for some unknown reason, or they are trying to play a joke on you. Some think it is just a way of talking, no harm done. But gossip can be vicious.

People can end gossiping.  Don’t talk about others and try to make yourself look better than them.  Don’t spread lies to make someone else feel badly.  Talk directly to people and give them the respect that you would want too. Gossip is a form of bullying and we are all better than that!

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