Meet Ms. Lynda Williams

By Eric H.

Have you met Richardson Middle Schools new librarian? Well, here name is Ms. Lynda Williams. How many times do you think most people would say that the schools librarian is fun…not many? This year Richardson has gotten yet another fun librarian.

Williams has been to many more places than most people would have thought. First, she went to Christ Lutheran Church and School for middle and elementary school. Then she went into high school. For high school she attended the California Academy of Math and Science. Once she graduated she got into the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Williams has been going all over the United States and enjoys it so much!

One of her favorite place to travel is Cape Cod during Spring Break.

Williams has many favorite things. Since she is a librarian you would think she likes books, and you are right. Some of her favorite books are Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The Long Dark tea-Time of the Soul, and The Dresden Files. Just by these books you can tell that Williams enjoys the books that are very suspenseful and some a mystery.

Williams doesn’t just like books because she also enjoys movies. Some of her favorite movies are Psycho, The Mummy, the Star Wars trilogy, R.E.D, and the Blues Brothers.

Williams is a very fun person that enjoys a plethora of activities.

What would Williams do if she wasn’t working in education?  Well, the answer to that is she would be a private pilot. Just think about how exciting that would be!

Other students have asked Williams, where she has worked before? Williams has worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Port of Los Angeles, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, and Disneyland.

Williams has some fond memories of her childhood.

“When I was little I ran around the house with a towel around my neck and would pretend to be a super hero,” said Williams.

Another thing you probably didn’t know about her is she loves talking is silly accents. This always is fun to do and most people will do it on accident sometimes. These are just a few of the many things about our new librarian at RMS.

Williams is a very nice lady that will always greet you with a smile. Come in and say hi because she is always excited to see meet new people. To make it more fun, say hello to her in a silly accent and see if she answers you in one of her own!

Welcome to the RMS Family, Ms. Williams.

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