Techies Present Findings

Three RMS students received Tech Trek scholarships last spring.  The winners of the scholarships were Jin Y., Camryn U., and Ninabella G.   The program is a math, science, and technology camp for girls coordinated by the American Association of University Women. The girls attended the camp at UCSB, UCSD, and UCSB, respectively, over this past summer. They presented their technological findings October 16th, at the Toyota Automobile Museum.

Here is what Jin Y. said about her experience.

On August 5, Sunday, I squared my shoulders and readied myself to experience an entire week of college life. I was preparing for Tech Trek, a math and science camp for girls designed to help encourage more young women to enter the math and science fields. To be accepted, you had to go through an application process complete with an essay, camper questionnaire, and more. There were several colleges that you could have been approved for and I was selected to go to UC Santa Barbara. At Tech Trek in Santa Barbara, there were four core classes. The core classes served almost as an example of what a major would be in college. The core classes that students could have been put into were Forensics Science, Ecology, Physical Science, and Alternative Energy. My core class was Forensics Science and my instructor’s name was Dwynn.

In Forensics, we learned topics from ink chromatography to identifying drug stimulants. We learned about blood spatter patterns that occur during crime scenes and how the angle at which blood is dropped can distinguish where the blood came from. We also did a hair analysis and learned how to take fingerprints as well. Finally, I understood why fingerprints were such a vital tool in an investigation and I learned how handwriting can explain an individual’s personality. On the last day, all of the girls in the class were split into teams and we were sent on our way to solve a fake crime scene. In the investigation, we incorporated all of the topics that we had learned previously in order to apply the information correctly.

On top of the invaluable information we were learning from our core classes, we also attended lectures on Chemistry and went on field trips. Everyone in the camp was also included in a group project. Students were separated into teams and produced presentations on what to do with a decommissioned oil rig. The responsibility was a bit challenging at times but the knowledge gained, as well as the food and dorm life made up for the cons. The food at UC Santa Barbara was to die for and my roommate turned out to be one of the closest friends I would have at Tech Trek. The time I spent at Tech Trek will always be cherished. I am grateful for having been chosen for this enriching experience. I hope that future girls in our school will continue to experience Tech Trek.


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