Pirate Pearlman, Now How Does That Sound?

By Amanda M.

Have you ever walked into Room 28 at Snack to hang out, get candy from a little Elvis box in the corner, or look at the giant picture collage that covers three out of the four walls in the classroom (and counting)? No matter your grade, you’ll probably walk into Pearlman’s classroom sometime this year.

Sara Lynn Pearlman has been teaching here at RMS for twelve years. The subject? 6th and 7th grade English. When asked the best part about teaching, Pearlman answered, “The kids, of course!”

Pearlman attended Golden West College, the University of San Francisco, Loyola Marymount University, and the University of Aberdeen. She hasn’t always wanted to be an English teacher, though. It happened after she read one of her favorite books!

“[The Catcher in the Rye] changed my life-literally,” said Pearlman. “I had always been an avid reader, but, until Salinger, reading was merely a form of entertainment, like watching TV. The Catcher in the Rye, though, was a revelation, and I fell hopelessly and irrevocably in love with literature and language. Prior to reading it, in fact, I intended to major in biology and, eventually, become a science teacher.”

Some other favorites of Pearlman’s include the show Top Chef, the movie Moonrise Kingdom, most Wes Anderson films, the color orange, and the city of San Francisco. A pet peeve of hers is when people use the word “gay” to mean stupid.

As for favorite food? “Mrs. Conner once made these cookies with Oreo chunks throughout,” said Pearlman. “They were phenomenal!”

“I have a passion for all forms of literature: novels, poetry, drama, the theater-movies, musicals, and plays-and music, especially punk,” said Pearlman.

When asked what she liked to do in her free time, Pearlman answered, “I thoroughly enjoy live music. In fact, this year is my twentieth anniversary (of attending punk shows). So far, this year, I have been to 39 shows and seen roughly 160 bands. I also enjoy nature, particularly the sea.”

Pearlman really does like the ocean; when asked what she would do if she weren’t a teacher she said, “Something on the sea…pirate, perhaps…”

Pearlman also enjoys reading. “This summer, my dad built custom, floor to ceiling bookshelves for my library, shelves that even span the window and doors, utilizing every inch of space.They are simply divine!”

She also likes to go on a special retreat annually. “Once a year, my mom and I attend a silent retreat-no TV, no phones, no iPods, no talking-just quiet contemplation for forty-two hours,” said Pearlman.

Whether you’ve had Pearlman in the past, gone to a Yearbook meeting in her classroom, or have her for homeroom, you’ll find that she is always devoted to helping kids learn to love English as much as she does.

Pearlman decided to become a teacher over becoming a pirate.  ARRRRRR we most fortunate!

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