Stacy Bernstein, Former RMS Student, Writes A Blog

Former RMS Journalism Student, Stacy Bernstein, is currently writing a blog for each book she reads off of the National Public Radio’s 100 Best-Ever Teen Novel List for 2012.  Maybe there is a book you are thinking about reading.  Read her blog for inspiration.

Here is the first entry.

“It all started one day while I was laying on my bed in a hotel room in Palm Springs. I was scrolling through my twitter feed when John Green (one of my all time favorite authors, valued for his consistent writing style and excellent plot lines) shared a link of National Public Radios 100 Best-Ever Teen Novel List for 2012. I was scrolling through the list and realized that although I had read a large amount of these books (33 at the time) and heard of many others, I hadn’t heard of some and hadn’t read a large majority of them.

I got to thinking, I have a rather relaxed school schedule this year (not that a busy one has ever stopped me from reading) and it would be the perfect time to check out all of these other books and see what these 75,220 other people saw in these books to rate them their favorites.

From that day on the journey started, as I continue reading the books, I will rate them and explain my thoughts behind them (hopefully without revealing too many plot points not on the back cover that will ruin the story line for others). I will also, on days I haven’t completed a new book, review some of the old books that I had read before this journey started that are also on the list.

I hope that you reading this, are finding it somewhat helpful in whatever yearning you may have to find new books that reach out to you and understand you in ways that you hadn’t quite thought were possible.

I appreciate any and all feedback, so feel free to comment on the posts with your own opinions of the books and let your friends know about it as well!

“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren’t long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”

— Alan Bennett, The Uncommon Reader”

By Stacy Bernstein

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