Bianca P. Plays For The Love Of The Game

By Karin S.

“Serve the ball. Wait. Hit. Run. Repeat.” After practicing for five years, it has become a daily routine for Eighth Grader Bianca P. Tennis has become a strong passion for Bianca.

It all started for Bianca at the age of eight. She wanted to try something new and immediately fallen in love with tennis. Bianca trains at Alta Vista for three hours a day everyday and she is on the 14-Advanced Team.

“First, we run four laps around the court. Then do some stretching and drills. After we start playing some matches for a few hours. Then we just condition and finish it off with some cool-down stretches,” explained Bianca, referring to practices.

Bianca and her teammates travel to lots of cities and compete against other players every weekend. Some of the places they’ve been to are: San Diego, San Jose, and South Carolina. They have Sectionals twice a year and Nationals. Bianca won most of her matches and her team was very successful!

In the future, Bianca hopes to play on the South High School tennis team and she hopes to play through out college.

Bianca loves tennis. What’s your favorite sport? It might be tennis too!

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