Book Review: So B. It

By Jocelyn H.
Have you ever had a time when you just didn’t know which book to pick out to read at the library? An interesting book would be “So B. It,” which was on the 8th grade TUSD Summer Reading List this year.

“So B. It” is a book written by Sarah Weeks in 2004. It is about a twelve-year-old girl named Heidi, who lives with a mentally disabled mother in Reno, Nevada. They live in a small apartment. Her friendly next door neighbor, Bernadette, started taking care of Mama and Heidi when Heidi was a baby. Bernadette homeschools Heidi too.

Bernadette has agoraphobia, which is a disease that cause people to be afraid to go outside of their home. In a way, Heidi also assists Bernadette.

One day, Heidi finds some pictures of Mama at a Christmas party. In one of the pictures, a building had Hilltop Home Liberty, New York . Mama was young in the picture, and there were other people of all ages. Some people had similar eyes as Mama and Heidi. There was one woman, not Mama, that was wearing a red sweater, the same exact one that Heidi found in a closet.

Finally, Heidi couldn’t wait to get her questions answered. Her curiosity leads her to an adventure to find her family history, and she is determined to look for the meaning of “soof”. “Soof” is one of the words out of the twenty-three words that Mama often says, but is the only one that nobody knows what it means.

Heidi gathers up all her courage and travels across to the other side of the country. The three and a half day trip to New York changes Heidi’s life forever.

After you read this book, you will really appreciate how much you have. Check out this book at the library today!

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