Jerusalem Cricket Pays Visit To RMS

A Jerusalem Cricket, commonly known as a Potato Bug, made a rare appearance on the RMS campus on Friday, November 16th.  Found in front of Rooms 30 and 31, this insect was sitting in one of the rain puddles.

Several people stopped to look at the large insect, but only one student, Seventh Grader Stephanie Q., was brave enough to pick it up.  If handled carefully, (we suggest wearing gloves, however) these insects will not harm humans.  After a short walk to the ice plant, the cricket was released.

Here are some fun facts about Jerusalem Crickets/Potato Bugs…

*Potato Bugs are nocturnal (usually active only at night).

*Potato Bugs have a childlike face.

*Potato Bugs live underground.

*Potato Bugs eat decaying vegetation, plants and have no ties to potatoes.

*Potato Bugs are native to Mexico and Western United States.

*Potato Bugs are not poisonous, but have strong mandibles and bite hard.

*Potato Bugs can grow to three inches in length.

*Potato Bugs make a hissing sound by rubbing their legs against their abdomen.

*Encountering a live Potato Bug is rare.  Most are found dead in gardens or storm drains.

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