Movie Review: Chasing Mavericks

By Lauren H.

Who wouldn’t want to see this star-studded, based on a true story fun flick? With celebrities like Gerard Butler, Elisabeth Shue, Abigail Spencer, and newcomer Jonny Weston, who plays Jay Moriarity, it is irresistable. The basis of Chasing Mavericks is Jay, a sixteen-year-old who’s having troubles at home, lives by the beach and loves riding the waves. He meets Frosty(Gerard Butler), a veteran surfer, who teaches him the ways of the water.

Jay’s goal was to be able to ride a maverick-a huge wave that occurs once in a blue moon. He trains and trains, and finally Frosty drives him down to the coast and let’s him compete in a competition. Yet there is a huge storm and no one wants to take any chances by riding the waves. Who knows if you’ll come back out of the water alive?

Movie Jay

So Jay continued to ride mavericks up until the day he died. He lived from June 16th, 1978 to June 15th, 2001. It’s amazing that he rode life threatening, terrifying mavericks yet he died from free diving one night in the water. It shows that the ocean can be very unpredictable and even professional surfers like Jay have to be super careful. It shows his funeral in the movie.  It was very unorthodox, yet perfect for Jay. His childhood sweetheart/wife, Kim, and Frosty along with  his fellow surfers/friends gathered on their surfboards and shouted “To Jay!” and spread his ashes in the ocean, where he would have wanted them to be. The camerawork throughout the movie was top-notch; it was serenely beautiful and the waves were deep blue and clear. The movie even got praised for cinematography.

The movie and story are an inspiration. The teenage boy who trained to become the best at chasing mavericks really did become the best. Hardly anyone thought he could do it. So live like Jay. When you really want something, go out and do it. Surfing was Jay’s natural high.  What is yours? 
This movie is rated PG and is now playing in a theater near you.   

Real Jay

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