Student Perspective: Stealing Isn’t Cool!

By Kristy L.

“What? No.” My mind raced as I shifted through my open pencil case. I had arrived minutes earlier to find that my pencil case was wide open with my pens and pencils sticking out of it. I searched it frantically, and there was just one item missing. My Oxi-gel. Yes, that twelve-dollar pencil that I liked so much and loved to use had just disappeared.

I foolishly hoped that one of my friends had borrowed the pencil and it was going to turn up in the ten seconds. Instead, to my dismay, in the next ten seconds I learned that some kids had been going through the pencil cases at Snack. How delightful. For about a week, I anxiously waited for news, blindly hoping that I would get it back. Finally, after a long week of waiting and hoping, all I got was a “Sorry” from a teacher.

I sat around fuming until a friend reminded me of a school policy. “The school  is not responsible for lost or stolen items.” [I don’t know who stole my pencil.  It is sad that people won’t tell others who is stealing, so those like me could get their things back.] 

I wonder if the person who took it gets compliments like, “I love your pencil!” or “Wow! Where’d you get it?” or maybe they keep it at home, too scared to bring it to school. Maybe they’ll nonchalantly tote the pricy pencil around until it gets stolen from them.

“Instant Karma’s gonna get you… Gonna knock you right on the head…” –Beatles.

Karma’s going to catch up (and if you don’t know what it is look it up). So dear kid-that-has-nothing-better-to-do-than-steal-stuff-at-snack: I hope you learned something from this.

Editor’s Note- If a student is caught stealing, then that person is questioned and disciplined.  In this case, no one turned in the names of those allegedly stealing.  If you see these types of injustices going on and don’t report them to someone, you are just as guilty.  Please help RMS to be free of people who take things that are not theirs.  Report incidents to adults immediately.  Be a responsible Rattlesnake!  Thank you. 

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