Grade Level Assemblies Held To Honor Students

On Friday, November 16th, Grade Level Assemblies were held to honor students who selected for Student of the Month for September and October, Honor Roll (Click on this link to find the list of  Honor Roll kids , and our new awards-Leading By Example and Making a Difference.  Congratulations to all of the students honored and we hope to add even more students next time.

6th Grade Assembly

6th Grade

Lead By Example

1.       Jennifer F.- Turner

Jennifer is a natural leader. She is a great role model and is always looking out for others.

2.       Camden G.-Newman,Turner

Camden is the president of our homeroom. He always listens to student suggestions, is organized and plans ahead.  He leads by example.

3.       Ashley P.-Case

Ashley has really stuck her neck out in math class.  She says she hasn’t always liked math, but she is putting a great effort in this year.  She takes chances, tries new things willingly, and shares with the class.  Her enthusiasm and positive attitude make others feel safe and willing to take chances.


Making A Difference

1.       Kareese A.-Whittaker

Kareese is always on task and asks insightful questions.  She is an excellent student and always helps people around her that are struggling.  She is a very kind young lady.


2.       Melanie  K.-Newman

Melanie is a caring person who works well with all students.  She especially works well with the students with special needs.  She is patient and supportive.

3.       Emma M.-Case

Emma jumps right in and helps if she sees a need.  She was how much work I was doing for the 6th Grade Homework Lunch and offered to come in and help me every Wednesday.  She always has a smile and a great attitude.

4.       Bailey S.-Mufti

Bailey is in my Math Class.  She works quietly in a talkative group of students.  She completes her work and is willing to help struggling peers.  She is gentle and kind to all.

7th Grade Assembly

7th Grade

Lead By Example

1.      Grace R.-Malpede

Grace is a hardworking and exemplary student.  In groups I can always count on Grade to take an active role in keeping her group members focused on the take at hand.

2.      Henry G.-Richmond

Henry speaks up and helps others to reach their goals.  He encourages students to do the right thing and turn around their behavior for the better.

3.      Alaina H.-Pearlman

Alaina often exhibits exemplary leadership, particularly in collaborative groups. Her demeanor immediately puts others at ease, and she encourages her peers to participate by asking them direct, relevant, throught-provoking, open-ended questions.

4.      Chase M.-Oden

Chase is always on task and is a strong team leader.  He is very competitive, but always in a positive way.


Making A Difference

1.      Madison M.-Willett

Maddie is a two year member of Choir and she assists two students from the LACOE program almost on a daily basis.  She is there if they need her help and not in the way if they do not need it.   Her kindness has helped the LACOE students adjust and feel welcome in the Choir.

2.      Anders S.-Fujii

Anders has made a difference at RMS through his work with the Leadership Class, as well in Mr. Fujii’s homeroom.  He has great school spirit, and does a wonderful job of rallying his classmates.  He has contributed to lunchtime events, the school  dance, and helped lead Mr. Fujii’s homeroom to victory in the Ball Drive.

3.      Georgetta M.-Oden

Georgetta is always kind to everyone and will help out in any way she can.

4.      Suli C.-Richmond

Suli sits next to ELL students, takes them under her wing and helps them get used to the classroom and new situations.


8th Grade Assembly

8th Grade

Lead By Example

1.       Nicole M.-Mufti

Nicole takes a leadership role and helps her peers when they need it.  She sets a good example for her group.

2.       Amanda M.-Whittaker

Amanda is in the Leadership Class and embodies leadership characteristics.  She makes a conscience effort to make RMS a better place for her and her classmates.

3.       Kristy L.-Bezich

Kristy is in the Journalism Club.  She is always on time with articles and asks what she should do next.  She has challenged herself with her article choices by choosing those articles that take extra time and research.  She is an excellent writer and sets a wonderful example for others.

4.       Alexandra D.-Willett

Alex has been a member of Tall Flags for two years and she shows her leadership skills at every practice.  She willing helps others one on one, but her most valuable contribution to the Tall Flag team is that she is a role model for those around her.  She knows her work and demonstrates it regularly while also counting and helping others to stay focused.

5.       Jared F.-Fujii

Jared (JT) is a positive, hard-working student who is well-respected among his peers.  He has a quiet confidence and positive demeanor that naturally draws others towards him. JT is a team player who is always willing to help his classmates.

6.       Ben W.-Conner

Ben actively participates in class discussions and small group activities.  He is very patient and tolerant of all students, so he works well with others.  Ben displays a personality that is very kind and welcoming.  When needed, Ben is always willing to help.  He is a pleasure to have in class.

Making a Difference

1.       Camryn U.-Yu

Camryn is always helpful towards her peers in supporting her partners in guiding the lessons.  She can be counted on to participate in class when no else will.  She has excellent citizenship.


2.       Olivia A.- Rodriguez

Olivia did a great job last month patiently helping her table mate who was struggling with the material every time he asked a question.  She explained it very well and was patient with him even when she was busy doing something else.

3.       Jillian N.-Bezich

Jillian is my TA and works very hard to help me keep organized.  She comes into class and always gets right to work on what she needs to do without question.  She is an amazing TA and makes a difference every day in Room 31.

4.     Ian B.-Malpede

Ian is committed to making our Earth and RMS a greener place by helping to recycle.

5.     Georgia B.- Malpede

Georgia is committed to making our Earth and RMS a greener place by helping to recycle.

6.     Devyn M.-Pearlman

As my TA, Devyn,  frequently elects to step in and help my students, particularly when I’m busily moving from student to student.  I have never asked him to do so; he does so of his own volition.  This unexpected act of kindness and generosity benefits us all—and is greatly appreciated!

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