Students Run For The Health Of It

Running Club members have many reasons for meeting after school on Wednesdays to run.

“I run to maintain a healthy weight,” said Seventh Grader Chase M.

Some are getting ready to play sports.

“I run to stay in shape for soccer,” said Seventh Grader Luke K.

Others are trying to get better at running the mile.

“I run to get faster.” said Seventh Grader Bennett K.

Then there are still others who are just good at it.

“I am good at it and do it for fun,” said Seventh Grader Grace C.  Grace runs a 5.57 mile and her proudest moment was running a 4.40 mile on a track just recently.

Running Club starts with a warm up and then a run.  The day of this writing the runners ran to Walteria Park.

Mr. Dennis Lippon and Mrs. Magdelena Lippon (whose Eighth Grade son no longer has time to run because of football) help Mrs. Bonnie Nakamoto lead the Running Club.  Thank you to these parents who are dedicated to keeping our kids healthy.

All are welcome to join on Wednesday afternoons whatever the reason.



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