Student Perspective: Projects, Good or Bad?

By  Eric H.

Have you ever gotten a project and thought to yourself, this is going to be hard? For most students that is what they think at first, even before they read what the project is about. Projects may be easy or hard. Believe it or not, if things you do aren’t challenging then it is harder for you to get better at it. Teachers have a point to giving projects. Do you like think or dislike them?

Most students dislike projects in school. For one reason why they dislike them is because they take time. Even though the projects might take a while, many students procrastinate and do them all in one night. People who don’t turn in their projects don’t want to learn, so don’t use that excuse.

Some students have different reasons though.

“Some of the projects may be easy and hard. They are easy because we just learned it in class, but not my favorite because we are basically repeating what we learned in class,” said Sixth Grader Alyssa S.

Most students have good reasons for not liking projects, not because they don’t want to do it, but because they are tiring, tedious, or because they are long.

“It depends on the project type. If it is mostly visual, then it is fun to make, but if it is writing and internet work, then it isn’t something I’m into,” said Eighth Grader Jada S.

Other students like projects. Some students like projects because it gets them to know and understand what they are learning better. Projects can be very exciting. Some students like it when teachers make projects with more visuals and fewer words.

“Projects are a lot of work, but all of the pictures make it look more exciting,” said Parker C.

Projects may be a lot of work, but they are all worth it as most teachers will tell you.

Students need to ask themselves, “Did I learn anything by doing this project? If your answer is yes, it is usually is, then your teacher did their job. What you learn in school is put to use in projects to confirm and assess that learning. Even when you do your project, you are learning something valuable, you just haven’t realized it.

What is your next project?  The best way to work on a project is to get started the day it is assigned.  Then, you will have more time to do the research, write it and look it over to make corrections or additions.

Teachers are very aware of people who throw something together at the last minute.  Take your time with projects and what you learn will stick with you for a lifetime!

Below are pictures of some of the Natural High project done in Ms. Lauren Kamiyama’s PE class.


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