Girl Scouts Help Out Community…You Can Too!

By Olivia A.

Most people see the holidays as a time to see family, eat yummy foods, and most importantly, get presents! However, some people don’t have the luxury of experiencing the wonderful things we love about the holidays. If want to spend even a fraction of your break helping people, here are a few ideas on ways to give back to the community.

The first thing you can do to help out the community is to donate some of your things to people who need them more than you do. One organization that helps give people the supplies they need is One Warm Coat Drive. They collect gently used coats and distribute them all across the country to people in need. Check out their website for more information:

If you want to help out on a smaller scale, our own school held a blanket drive for homeless people who need them and earlier one for shelter dogs. Listen to the bulletin for other ways that you can help out throughout the year.

Girl Scout Troop 4855 did a couple of fun things this holiday season to help out all different kinds of people. One thing they did was make Christmas cards for teens that are currently in Juvenile Hall. They made over forty handmade cards through the Just People organization. Just People offers hope and encouragement to the many boys and girls in Juvenile Hall. On Christmas Day, hundreds of volunteers pass the cards out to the kids.

Madeline, a member of the Girl Scout Troop since kindergarten said, “It was fun making the cards with friends, but it was even better to know that they were going to a good cause.”

If you want to learn more about the organization visit this website:

But you don’t have to be a Girl Scout to give back. St. Andrews Church (Pacific Coast Highway and Avenue D) has organized a Cup O’ Noodles Drive that will benefit the elementary school students at Grape Street Elementary in Watts. On average, kids there only eat one meal a day and this donation encourages them to stay in school and intrudes them to a better life. The drive ends on Christmas so help out while you can!


Remember, doing any of these things is sure to land you on the Santa’s “Nice” list.


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