Kissner: Science Wiz, But Much More

Mr. Andrew Kissner

By Eric H.

Have you been around RMS lately? Have you seen Mr. Andrew Kissner? Kissner is the RMS Science Teacher for Sixth and Eighth Grade. He teaches Life Science and Physical Science. He may know every question and answer in science, but what about other things? Kissner has done many other things than teach. Did you know he was a salesman before becoming a teacher?  However, his passion lies in educating young people.

Kissner has taught all grades at RMS.  Currently, he is teaching Sixth Grade Science, Sixth Grade STEM, Eighth Grade Science, and Eighth Grade Online Science. People are enjoying the new, online class.

“The Periodic Table Bingo online was super intense.  People got very competitive,” said Eighth Grader Brittany L.

Hard work pays off, accroding to Kissner. He has always been into science. He says the secret to reaching your goals, like he did, is putting in the work.

“Doing all of your work will get you an A and you will be closer to your goals.,” said Kissner.

Kissner’s favorite time of this school year will be June 21st. The reason for that is because it is the last day of school. Teachers want to have fun too!

Kissner’s hobbies include playing Dungeons and Dragons. He is also a huge fan of The Hobbit series and was very excited to see the movie of the same title come out recently.  Kissner also enjoys spending time with his family.

So, if you are seeing things flying through the air, bubbling over and/or smoking, it is probably coming from one of Kissner’s science lab experiments.

RMS is fortunate to have Science Wiz, Kissner on our campus!

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