New Year Brings New Resolutions

By Karin S.

2013 is right around the corner and it’s time to make those New Year’s Resolutions! Here are some of the goals for the New Year from the RMS students and others.

“Be kinder to others,” said Eighth Grader Jinny P.

“Buy less things,” said Eighth Grader Ben W.

“Not  go on Instagram,” said Eighth Grader Brittany L.

“Study more for school,” said Eighth Grader Marta M.

“Marry Harry Styles,” said Eighth Grader Hannah A.

“Stop cracking my knuckles.” said Eighth Grader Alice F.

“Go surfing more,” said Eighth Grader Hadley C.

“Stop procrastinating,” said Eighth Grader Bianca P.

“Do something good,” said Sixth Grader Camden G.

“Be myself around others,” said Sixth Grader Daniel D.

“Be the best soccer player in the world,” said Sixth Grader Sebastian G.

“Go to the beach more,” said Eighth Grader Olivia A.

“Be a pro wake boarder,” said Sixth Grader Tommy W.

“Do more yoga,” said Assistant Principal Justine Lang.

“Win more gymnastics competitions,” said Sixth Grader Sydney M.

“Lose weight,” said Sixth Grader Emily V.

“Get straight A’s,” said Sixth Grader Madison J.

“Get an A in Ms. Pearlman’s class,” said Sixth Grader Noa Y.

“Get straight A’s,” said Sixth Grader Chloe B.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution you would like published?  Please send it to Mrs. Bezich at for consideration.



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