Tips For Staying Warm

By MiMi B.

Is it chilly enough for you?  The sun still is shining, but Southern Californians are often ill-prepared for dealing with the low temperatures.  The following tips should help keep you warm as the cold streams pass through the South Bay.

1.  Dress in Layers- It is easier to get cooler than warmer if you wear layers of clothing.  Long pants, thermo shirts, jackets, scarves, boots, and gloves are a good start.  Hats also keep warmth in your body.  (Just remember to take them off in class. It is polite and respectful to remove your hat inside.)

2. Keep Feet Dry-Keep your feet warm and dry.  If socks and shoes get wet, change them as soon as possible. (Some students even put an extra pair of shoes and socks in their lockers just in case.)

3.  Insulate Your House-Feel around doors and windows to see if you have drafts.  Roll up towels or blankets and place next to the openings making the drafts until you can have it professionally insulated.  This will also save energy costs in the end.

4.  Bake Cookies-Turning on the oven and baking cookies or cooking anything else, helps warm up the kitchen.  Keep the oven open to let it cool while you are enjoying the cookies.

5.  Drink Warm Drinks- Hot chocolate, cider, coffee or tea are inexpensive drinks to keep your insides warm. (“Warming the cockles of your heart is important”, as my great grandma used to say, “it puts you in a good mood.”) Spice up your hot chocolate with leftover candy canes from the holidays.

6.  Use Your Fireplace-Be sure the flue is open (Bad news if it isn’t…don’t ask me how I know this)  and have an adult light a fire. Enjoy reading a book or doing your homework by the fireplace.

7.  Invite People Over- Invite people into your home to sit by the fire or play games. (A couple of my family’s favorite games are Trouble and Hedbanz. Tip: When you run out of cards for Hedbanz, make your own to make the game last longer. Be creative!)  More people create more warmth and it is fun too!

Lastly, don’t forget to take care of your pets.  Even though some of them have fur, they are not use to the cold weather either and need special attention. Don’t leave them out all night…bring them in for their safety.

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