Grade Level Field Trips Planned

6th Graders are invited January 31 to visit the Science Center to see exhibits and the recently displayed Space Shuttle.  Please bring your $5 donation for viewing the shuttle.  Donations may be turned into your homeroom teachers.

7th Graders are invited to attend the field trip to Medieval Times in Anaheim on

 March 21. Students are encouraged to return their permission slips along with a $25 donation to their homeroom class teacher.  A lively, educational show is performed and students are given lunch.  Please get your permission slips and donation in as soon as possible, so that we may secure the reservation for RMS 7th Graders!

Thank you. 

8th Graders are invited to attend the field trip to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles on February 27.  After having studied Farewell to Manzanar and The Diary of Anne Frank, students will appreciate the displays from this time period that the museum has to offer. Listen to bulletin notices for when your permission slips are due to your homeroom teachers.


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