Paper Wars Begins

January 29th through February 8th Student Council is heading a paper drive called Paper Wars.  Much like the Penny Wars held last spring, students are asked to bring in donations.  This time, the donation is reams of paper.  All donations will benefit RMS staff and students.  The following are the guidelines for the Paper Wars.

*Bring paper to your homerooms

*Lined and graph paper are worth 1 point per 100 sheets

*White paper is worth 5 points per 100 sheets

*Colored paper is negative 5 points per 100 sheets and may be used to sabotage other homerooms  (Students can place the colored paper in other homerooms’ boxes and that homeroom will lose points.)

*Teachers are not allowed to hide their boxes!!!!  Some teachers (You know who you are) in the past were rumored to have hid their boxes in ceiling tiles, cabinets and air vents. This time, boxes must be in clear view.

Who will win the Paper Wars? Let the Game Begin! 



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