Gymnasts Flip For The Fun Of It

By Karin S.

Have you ever wondered how people do those crazy flips, jumps, and twists? Well Sixth Graders Sydney M. and Ciara R. have done gymnastics for quite some time now. Ciara started at the age of seven and Sydney at five. They both started with classes and worked hard everyday to be on the Studio West Competitive Team.

Sydney at Level Six and Ciara at Level Seven, both train for events such as vault, bars, beam, and their favorite floor. Sydney enjoys floor because she gets to dance, while Ciara enjoys floor because it is easiest for her. Prior to all of the competitions, both Ciara and Sydney train four days a week for at least four hours a day.

The team travels and competes all over California at places such as San Diego, Bakersfield, and Long Beach. The team has won many awards such as Level 4 and 5 State Champions.

“I am most proud of receiving a 38 in Level 4,” both answered referring to their proudest accomplishment.

In the future, they both hope to continue to train and compete, while learning new skills and win more meets. It takes a lot of practice to do those crazy flips.  Just ask Sydney and Ciara.

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