How To Study For Big Tests

By Lauren H.

For all you Eighth Graders out there who have just gone through finals, you may have something to add to this article! Seventh and Sixth Graders, you may have had your own big end of the semester tests to contend with. How did you study for your finals and other big end of the year tests?

Studying for finals or other big tests isn’t all that complicated.  Here are some tips for next time.

*Make sure you are in a quiet place when doing so, to limit distractions so you can really focus.

*Study like you normally do, yet go through all the previous lessons and chapters.

*Make sure you understand them, and remember the key concepts.

*Make flashcards. Use them. Have friends and family help.

*Ask your teachers questions and make sure you get the answers. Really try your best, and it will pay off in the end.

*Since we don’t know exactly what’s going to be covered in the finals, make sure you know a little bit of everything from each topic. But be sure to review the Study Guides.

*Make up rhymes or phrases to help you remember what to do for a difficult problem.

*Go online. All the textbooks have websites for extra help, if needed.

*Go over your homework. Do practice problems.

*Highlight important vocabulary.

*Manage your time around your studying schedule. An hour every day after school can really benefit you. And if you have to eat, eat healthy while studying.

*Chew gum. Studies prove that chewing gum is powerful in making your brain focus better. Do whatever it takes to make you feel confident in taking the finals or other large tests.

*Be prepared.  Preparation means studying! So don’t procrastinate. Start getting serious about studying, so as to get good scores that will make yourself and others proud.

*If you study for everything like you study for finals, there could be major improvements in your overall grades. So get on it! Crack those books open and start reviewing.

*Also, only study for half an hour to an hour. You don’t want your brain overloaded with all this information you can’t keep track of. You’ll be grateful for it later!

Hopefully, you already knew and practice some of these tips and were successful on your end of the semester tests.  If not, think about what you need to improve upon and be ready for next time.  They are only a few months away!  The good news, however, is that summer vacation is right after that!

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