Come To The Island

By Eric H.

Did you know that people study in many different ways? Some people study with cards, memorization techniques, games, and many other ways. At this point in time, technology has been getting more and more popular. Now, you can study online. How? People can study online by a website called Study Island. But is it effective?

Study Island is becoming more and more popular and is used all throughout many school districts. What it is is a bunch of subjects. They have lessons for Social Studies, Science, Math and ELA. All you have to do is pick one and you have the choice of how the test is going to be set up. You have the choice of a test mode, which is just a simple test, or a game mode. Many students enjoy the game mode because you can play a game with math questions involved. Which is better though?

Students all across the nation are beginning to use this new website. Why? Many teachers feel it is a great way to train their students in a fun way. Students can choose what they want to be focusing on and what kind of practice experience they want. Many students enjoy this website too. Students may also access this website on any devise, which means you will have no excuses on assignments.

One the other hand, some think that this website isn’t efficient. Some students find this website hard to use and unclear. Although the tests are fine, the way they are all set up may be confusing. Some wouldn’t recommend this website, until they would understand it themselves. What do you think?

Overall, Study Island is a very helpful website that may be confusing at first. Once you understand the system and the set up, it is a great website for learning and studying. Remember, if you ever need to study and you have lost your study sheet, come to Study Island. They have a wide selection of topics. Try to master them all!

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