Game Review: Epic Mickey 2, The Power of Two

By David C.

One of the biggest games out for Wii and XBOX 360 is Epic Mickey 2. This is the sequel to Epic Mickey. In the first game Mickey stumbles upon a wizard’s workshop. Mickey ends up making a giant monster. Eighty years pass and the giant monster comes back and kidnaps Mickey. Mickey is pulled into the Wasteland, a world of forgotten cartoon characters which was defiled by the monster. Mickey escapes and has to save the wasteland from utter destruction.

In Epic Mickey 2, the Forgotten Toons where rebuilding their cities when an earthquake hit. One of the allies with the monster comes back and claims he has changed and begs for a second chance. Mickey is called back to help save Wasteland yet again. Is the mad doctor good or bad? You decide. Wasteland has changed a lot since Mickey was last there. So explore the many new areas that are available.

In the game you use paint and paint thinner to restore thinned out objects and paint thinner to destroy objects. You can play with friends with the multiplayer mode. The second player will be Oswald the Lucky rabbit, the star of Disney films in the 1920’s before Mickey was created, and explore Wasteland. Explore an alternate Disneyland filled with adventure. There are many ways out of a puzzle. However, each way has its consequences. You will fight many beasts like robots created by the mad doctor, the person who came back, blots and blot works. Also try Epic Mickey 1 to get a clear picture of this interesting saga.

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