The Latest Hiss Online Turns One

By Lauren H.

Hello there all you Latest Hiss readers! Did you know that this online edition of the school newspaper has been up for a whole year now? Wow!

This was all made possible by the Journalism Team, run by ELA/Study Skills Teacher, Leslie Bezich.  She edits all the articles and posts them on the web. That’s what makes it possible for all of us to read it! Members of the Journalism Team think of all the article ideas, write the articles and then email them to Bezich.

In order to get our article published, ideas are run past Bezich. She either approves or denies them and we go on from there. Few are denied, however.  Journalism tends to have a wide variety of articles, whether it’s a movie or book review, a restaurant review, a teacher interview, a student interview, surveys on various things, upcoming holidays/dances/activities, a video game review, you name it, The Latest Hiss has had it!

There are certain guidelines to writing an article.  It can’t be too long or too short, it has to be specifically what article(s) you have chosen, and it has to be entertaining and informative. The whole Journalism team strives to achieve meeting their deadlines, so people can read fresh new articles online often.

It’s important for us to try and bring some joy into our readers’ lives by representing Richardson Middle School pride for the whole world to see. It’s called the worldwide web for a reason! It’s also important to keep our readers interested in what goes on at our school…whether its school spirit days, teachers vs. students sports, or other special events. The newspaper’s audience is diverse and so are the articles.  Richardson’s newspaper has a large viewing audience and we hope it will grow and grow.

If you are interested in being on the Journalism Team, they meet every Wednesday at lunch in Room 31.  All are welcome!

So enjoy your school, enjoy the newspaper, and spread the word. It is easy, afterall, you found us this time.  🙂



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