“Cool Kids” Recycle

By Olivia Adair


“Come join the Environmental Club. Not only will you be doing a good deed for planet Earth, you get to hang out with cool people and you will become instantly popular,” said Science Teacher Mandy Malpede.

Making the earth a greener place is a task that many people have made their own. People, businesses and schools all over the world recycle plastic, paper and cans everyday. The iconic image of the recycling logo is one that is plastered on bins, bags and posters all over. Richardson is no exception with its own recycling club. Seventh Grade Science Teacher Amanda Malpede started the club three years ago because she wanted to make RMS greener place and was upset about the lack of environmental awareness. The club meets at lunch on Monday in Malpede’s Room 13 to discuss new strategies to make people aware of recycling, and discuss how the recycling went the past week.

The students work in pairs and trade off walking around RMS during Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) to pick up left over papers, trash and water bottles left over from lunch. Between the cafeteria and the Red Cart, Richardson sells between 145-160 water bottles every day!  Unfortunately, most of them end up on the ground or in the trash. So that’s where the Recycling Club comes in, picking up bottles and putting them where they go. In addition to that, members pass out recycling rewards to students that are being environmentally aware: recycling, using reusable water bottles and lunch bags. The names are put into a drawing and who ever wins gets a YogurtLand Gift Card.

You might be wondering, “Well, what can I recycle?” The answer is: almost everything. Take your old electronics to Best Buy and they will recycle it for you. Bring your cans and water bottles to recycling stations like the ones in grocery store parking lots and make a five cents profit on every bottle.

You can recycle paper at  recycling centers as well and it goes to a plant where it goes through a cycle like washing clothes. It is shredded and mixed with water, then the paper gets sorted, and the particles get cleaned into new materials to make paper. The process is fairly inexpensive but very beneficial. So next time you see a lone water bottle on the ground, pick it up and make a difference!



Eighth Graders: Tom F.  Gabi S.  Taylor B. Kimberly O. Samantha M.  Trajan M.  Sebastian D. Kanta M. Georgia B. Olivia A. Jessica T. Nathan C. Juliette O. Hadley C. Jared K. Noah M. Justin C. Victor C. Stephen C. Natalie D. Trevor S.

Seventh Graders: Leon J.

Everyone is welcome to help keep RMS green!



When asked why members wanted to be apart of Environmental Club they said:


“Because I think that the environment is a key aspect of future life,” said Eighth Grader Juliette O.

“To contribute to the good of Richardson,” said Eighth Grader Trajan M.

“I wanted to help the world in what ever way I could,” said Eighth Grader Georgia B.

“I think it is good to keep the environment clean and help keep our campus less polluted,’ said Eighth Grader Noah M.

“It encourages everyone to keep the campus clean,” said Eighth Grader Justin C.

Do you want to be a “cool kid”? Show up in Room 13 at lunch on Mondays to join the Environmental Club!



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